The new Draco models are made for a new generation. The design is completely new, but the idea behind it has remained the same.


Although he was an enthusiastic sailor during his youth, he later developed an interest in motorboats. Together with his no less ambitious wife, he pursued his vision. In fierce competition with other manufacturers, they developed the Draco Boats brand into one of the most successful motorboat brands of the 1970s. With the designer Jan Hermann Linge on board, they launched the Sportling model. This model became the first commercial success. The financial success of this boat made it possible for the company to grow rapidly and to open up new models and new markets.

All the following models of the eighties had the typical characteristics of the successful Sportling design. He lived for his brand. Even after his tragic death in 1983, he was crushed by one of his own boats, his spirit and creativity lived on.

Draco 22 RS

Year built
Overall Length 6.68 m
Width2.40 m

CHF 85'000